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git-svn clone canonical uri error

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  • git-svn clone canonical uri error

    So I have been cloning a bunch of projects in my repository in order to migrate over to Git. I have been able to successfully clone all of them except for one. It happens to be the largest project, but I am not sure if this is relevant. During the clone, I am getting a 'git-svn died of signal 6' error. It is failing the Assertion that checks if a URI is canonical. Unfortunately it takes about 4 hours to reach the point where it fails, so making changes and re-cloning is extremely impractical. I read all about URI's needing to be canonical because of the way that svn handles URI's internally. I read all about changing the .git/config file by removing double slashes or trailing slashes... which I don't have any of. I just cannot figure out why only this project is failing. Does anyone have any ideas as to what specific about a project could be causing this when all of my 16 other projects cloned with no problem? Also, the project is in a very standard trunk-branches-tags format.

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    You might consider using the -rX:Y to specify revision range instead of taking the whole thing. Set your rev range as the one past the URI error and push the result into your git repo. Or you can do multiple fetch's using revision range to skip that rev.

    As far as the error, I would check your Apache log on the Subversion side and see what the error_log or access_log is reporting. The git-svn is like a standard svn client down a read and so the logs should show us what is going on for the SVN side and these errors may not be bubbling back into git in the same form.