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Netbeans svn: E200009: Can't commit since some files are already versioned

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  • Netbeans svn: E200009: Can't commit since some files are already versioned

    I made a copy of my project using gnome's (GUI) copy & paste. I have continued to work on this project copy and I want it to be the one I commit to the repository. When I try committing (Using Netbeans GUI) I get the following message

    svn: E200009: Could not add all targets because some targets are already versioned svn: E200009: Illegal target for the requested operation I have read that the copy & paste operation was likely a cause of this. The above link suggests deleting the .svn folder I want to commit; Is this advisable? I am aware of the high level concepts of SVN but by no means knowledgable. I have had no trouble doing updates (via Netbeans). How should I go about trying to solve this? Thanks in advance

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    What version of Subversion are you using?


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      I am using version 1.9.3


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        SVN 1.9 only has a single .svn folder - right at the root of the working copy (so no need for the search and destroy I'm seeing on some of the google hits).

        Not sure what gnome's GUI copy/paste did but perhaps the simplest fix would be to do:

        1. checkout a new working copy
        2. copy all of the files that you have modified (including any new directories) into the new working copy from your original
        3. see what SVN thinks about the new stuff.

        Probably best to use actual command line "cp" for #2 above.

        Only warning I've got is that you might end up with too much stuff and/or stuff in the wrong folder if someone did some major directory roto-tilling since your last checkout. So be careful to check what SVN thinks it's going to do before you checkin your changes.


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          I tried doing what you suggested to no luck. Thanks for the info though! I've also tried coping using rsync but that wasn't working either.