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Script: Who committed changes yesterday?

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  • Script: Who committed changes yesterday?

    How can I know who committed changes yesterday?

    I'm creating scripts for a nightly build computer. It does an "svn export" to get the tree anew each night and builds everything from scratch. If the build fails, I'd like to identify users that committed changes since the last build, or within the last 24 hours. My nightly HTML report will list the users that are "on the hook" for the broken build.

    I have a single svn repository with several projects. I want to query about one project, not the entire repository.

    My svn server does NOT run on my nightly build computer. "svn list" and "svn info" don't quite get me there.

    In the general case, the script takes a start date, an end date, and returns a list of users that committed between those dates.

    Am I missing some simple svn command? Has someone already written this script?

    Thanks for any advice.


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    You're reinventing the wheel. There are already systems that exist to do exactly what you're looking for. The general area is called Continuous Integration.