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  • Create new SVN repository from working copy


    Is it possible to create a new SVN repository (server) from my working copy (local copy)?

    I have installed an SVN repository server on Amazon EC2 a few years ago and I have been using since then. Now I will have to migrate it to my local machine since I am the the only user and I want do reduce costs. I have done it via svndump in the past twice. However, I lost my password form Amazon EC2 instance (ssh keys). Amazon EC2 documentation for password recovery seems to complex.

    If I could just recreate my SVN server repository from my working copy, I would just erase Amazon EC2 machine without the need for password recovery. I know I can create another repository from my local files (import files) but I think using this method I would lose commit history.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can create a new repository from a working copy - but really by only checking in the current work (do that by destroying the ".svn" subdirectory/ies in the working copy. Then go checkout the empty repo in a different directory. Then copy the data from that "ex-working copy" into the new working copy. Then checkin.

    However, you might still be able to recover by using "svnrdump" (notice the "r" in there). If your SVN installation is recent enough and you still have credentials sufficient to get to the repository then "svnrdump" should work.

    If you've lost ALL credentials then, well, it's either password recovery or a single snapshot.


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      I have the SVN credentials for all path. I've just do not have the svn server machine's password. I will test this solution and report here. Thank you very much for your help.


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        DougR, svnrdump worked like magic! I really appreciated your help. Problem solved!


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          Excellent - glad to help!