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Filter Project Tree? (to hide removed directories)

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  • Filter Project Tree? (to hide removed directories)

    It feels like a Dr. Seuss book... "It grew, and it grew and grew, and it grew and grew some more!"

    So, some 40 directories in to this, time to group them into functional areas. So, 40 becomes, oh, 8 categories with those 28ish subdirectories moved into them and half a dozen remain up in root. That's fine, it all works, using the drag-drop "move".

    The tree view however, in explorer, is still showing all the old directories. (With proper red-bar and "Removed" properties). Still all technically accurate, there are no bugs here.

    But I don't need to see an entire screen-height of removed folders. Is there a way to turn off view of removed folders in the tree?

    I tried:
    -searching here for "removed" and "removed tree"
    -setting the ignore patterns (on the tree) of the containing directory
    -toggling options on the View menu
    -looking for options in the project settings

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    Could it be as simple as your needing to "svn checkin" your working copy?


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      DougR, I award you 12.8 jillion internet points.

      I checked the tree with another tool, and none of the directory moves were in the trunk. Ah-ha, that's a big clue. Even though moving the directories in the tree in SmartSVN [I]had[/I] moved the directories on disk.

      In SmartSVN, I had to first "svn update" the [I]empty/old[/I] directories, which changed nothing on the local disk. Then "svn commit" the non-existent directory. Again, this changed nothing on local disk. Checking the tree in the other tool, these changes were now reflecting the unused subdirectories disappearing.

      I wouldn't have thought to go down that route, thanks buddy!


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        Glad I could help!