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Finding Checked Out Files/Folders

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  • Finding Checked Out Files/Folders

    Is there a way to find out all the folders and files that have been checked out from SVN to my local PC? Thanks so much!

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    1. Find all of the SVN working copies by searching for the ".svn" folders. In older working copy areas there is a ".svn" per directory so you'll have to screen out the sub-directory sets (if using an older version then you can probably search for one of the files that are only in the top-level ".svn" directory). Newer SVN only has the ".svn" at the top.
    2. Then, for each working copy, run "cd workingCopyDirectory; svn status -v".

    Searching is platform specific so no comment here.


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      I [I]checked, but[/I] I am not finding the files, Cal anyone help you with that?


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        I am not following?!

        NOTE: it's a 2-step process to determine all of the folders and files checked out from Subversion.

        Step 1: find all of the working copies,
        Step 2: run "svn status -v" in the root of the working copy.

        The only way that I know of to find all of the working copies is to search the file systems mounted on your computer for ".svn" directories. Newer versions of SVN only have 1 of those in the top-level of the working copy. Older versions have ".svn" directories in every folder/directory checked out.