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E155016: The working copy database at '/…/…/../' is corrupt - unable to recover!!

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  • E155016: The working copy database at '/…/…/../' is corrupt - unable to recover!!

    The subversion repository is corrupted and while trying to run "svn clean" the below error message is shown.

    svn: E155016: The working copy database at '/..../..../../' is corrupt

    Please advice what can be done? and feel free to ask for any inputs.

    Version -
    svn, version 1.8.15 (r1718365)
    compiled Jul 28 2017, 13:10:06 on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu

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    How do you know that the "repository is corrupted"? Did you run "svnadmin verify" on the server?
    If the repository is bad then focus there first. Recover from backup. Then proceed downwards.
    If you don't have a backup then, ugh. You can try to "svnadmin dump" it (until it dies) then perhaps
    start skipping revisions until the dump once again works. Then you can load the initial dump and
    the following into a freshly created repo. It's a huge amount of work. And then there's the question
    about what to do with the "holes"? You can either fill them with empty revisions (add/remove some
    inconsequential file) or just load the dumps one after another and you'll end up with a smaller
    revision number than you had before the corruption ate your repository. It's likely that all of your
    working copies are unhappy anyway, but filling in the holes can sometimes save the working
    copies too.

    If the repository is still good, then somehow your working copy got clobbered. That's not good but
    you can preserve all of your work and get it into a new working copy by:
    1. creating a new working copy elsewhere
    2. ignoring the ".svn" directory/ies, you can copy files from your old working copy to the new one.

    Just FYI, SVN 1.8 is ancient. You might want to upgrade.


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      Hmmm, I will try to follow your advice. For some reason I have the same issue with my server. Hope it works, I will write back anyway.
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