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After PC crash my head file number is 33 But am getting "No Such Revision 38"

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  • After PC crash my head file number is 33 But am getting "No Such Revision 38"

    After My PC crashed I lost my Repo and had to revert to a backup .
    In this repo the head file number is 33 But My program which I had backed up elsewhere wants to commit to rev 38 so am getting "No Such Revision 38"
    I am not well not versed in the complications of SVN as I am only programming as a Hobby.
    Could someone advise in simple terms what I could do to solve this please?

    BTW I am using Visual Studio.



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    The working area that you have appears to last spoken to the repository when it was on Revision 38. But you restored your repo to the most recent backup Revision 33.

    The good news is that your working copy should have all changes made up until 38 - and beyond.

    One way to resolve this is to:

    1. Create a new working area (new "svn checkout") in a new directory (do not overwrite the one you have now).
    2. Then, ignoring any/all ".svn" directories (folders), copy all files from your original working area into the new working area.
    3. Then us "svn diff" to determine what changes there are.
    4. Finally, if/when you're satisfied of the goodness of those changes, you can do a "svn checkin" in the new working area.

    You might want to backup the original working area before you remove it "just in case", but it should be removed and likely never used again to avoid confusion.


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      Thanks that worked fine! :rolleyes: