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Can't connect to host.

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  • Can't connect to host.

    I'm using the latest version of tortoise svn on a pc at home (wired connection straight to the modem), and another at work.

    I installed the latest version of visual svn server from here on a portable hdd, and that hdd's connected to a laptop. I plan to dedicate the laptop as a server. The laptop is connected to my home network via wifi.

    Eventually I want to commit to my server/laptop repo from work, but I cant even checkout the repo from my home pc, which is on the same network as the server. 

    the server-sidevisual svn, clientside-tortoise svn, wifi router settings are for the most part default.

    I added a urer w/ a password to the repo via visual svn. right-clicked the repo, copied the url, emailed it and copy pasted it into the url field on the checkout prompt.on the home pA. After about 5 seconds it errs out with "couldn't connect to host".

    all systems are win 10 64bit. serves is pro, home pc is home. Windows defender installed on both. malware squarebytes on home.

    Any ideas?

    VisualSVN Server - All-in-one installer for Subversion and Apache

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    Likely a firewall blocking the server's SVN port. You'll need to track down what port you're using and then make sure:[LIST=1][*]the chosen/configured port does not conflict with other services (that might get started before it)[*]the firewall is enabling remote connection.[/LIST]


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      Thank you very much for the info, [USER="125501"]DougR[/USER].

      May I ask if I need only change port rules on the server PC? While I'm at it, would netstat suffice in finding out if other apps are using the port before VisualSVNServer?

      Thanks for any help. I spent a good few hours trying to get this to work, but I'm starting with little experience.


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        My knowledge of Windows is stale but "netstat" is a Unix/Linux tool. Not sure what it does on Windows. On Linux I'd likely check the ports in use using "netstat -ant" and look for "LISTEN". Hope this helps.


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          I tried making use of unused ports, but still couldn't connect.

          Reverted port rule changes, reinstalled visualsvn server and tortoise. plugged pc lan cable into router instead of modem and was able to connect.

          So this means I need to change some router settings to be able to connect if i were to go straight through the modem.

          they are right next to each other, so it makes no difference to me, though.

          i wonder if router settings might pose probs, if I were to connect from ottside the network.

          What router settings might I need to change to fix either?


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            Your router is acting as a NAT. You’ll have to setup a DMZ if you want to connect from the internet. Probably not a good idea since it sounds like your background is a bit “light” and it’s easy to get into trouble (exposing anything to the internet means you’ve got to do a LOT of IT continually).