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How to trace download history

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  • How to trace download history

    Hello everyone,
    I was wondering if is there any way to trace download history of files on SVN. I just want to know who downloaded certain files, not revision histories. If any one can share your knowledge, it would be so helpful.

    Thank you.

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    Which access mechanism are you using? Apache? svnserve? file:/// ?

    Also, which version of Subversion do you have deployed?


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      Hi DougR,

      I am not sure which mechanism I am using. I downloaded a install fie from [url][/url]. My Tortoise SVN Version is


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        I attached a screen shot of my SVN property.


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          Who setup your server? Please ask them for that information. The client is not important - only the server.

          Also, if you're using a TortoiseSVN client then you must have configured it somehow to talk to the server. What did that look like?


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            I have a project server to setup, it looks like this; [url]https://gpsvn.(companyname).com:1111/SVN/(project[/url] name) Is it the one that you are asking?


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              Yes, that's the URL. It says that you're server is running Apache with SVN. That means that you're going to need to look at the Apache logs on the server.

              Assuming that the lots have been kept for a long enough duration to meet your needs, then you'll need to parse out the information you're looking for.
              One difficulty is that, in general, download protocol logging will log the highest directory in the repository that is getting checked out - NOT every file.
              So you have to assume that if you see a "GET" on a directory above the file you're looking for then that file was downloaded as well.


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                Could you guide me to download how to download protocol log? I tried this way: right click on my repository(the highest repository folder)> Tortoise SVN>show log. But I do not think this is the way you described.


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                  Unfortunately, the SVN client will not have any access what-so-ever to the Apache log files. You will need access to the server. Given this is Windows I'm not sure exactly where the log files are located. However, if you can find the Apache configuration files they will absolutely point to where the logging is going.


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                    [B]Hi all,

                    Methods for downloading the History[/B]

                    Launch the Firefox web browser on your computer as if you were going to use the Internet.

                    Select "Tools," then click "Downloads." All recent download activity will be shown.

                    Search the downloads box if you are looking for a specific file that was downloaded.


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                      [USER="565810"]shreekavi[/USER] The question being discussed here is "download history of files stored in Subversion". And how to obtain this information from the server (without going to each Subversion client). In general, web browser history is going to be a tiny percentage of this history.