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    What "file" change are you making when testing this data? For instance, the most reliable way to do this check is to create a new file of 1MB via "dd if=/dev/urandom of=newfile bs=1m count=1" and then add that file. Since it will have never been in the repository before there can't be any "delta" magic going on to prevent you seeing the actual file size.

    Give that a try and report back.


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      we are speaking about different things... good luck


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        Up to you. I think we are talking about the same thing. What might be missing is the fact that Subversion is computing delta's against files that already exist in the repository. So when your test case includes a file that already exists the "transaction" is much smaller than you might expect. So let's work around that by asking the system for the actual byte counts.

        You can use "svnlook" to investigate the transaction (-t option). The following commands should be combined to get the information you need:
        - "svnlook changed" to get a list of the files changed (consider using the "--copy-info" option so you see everything.
        - "svnlook filesize" (iterate over the output of "svnlook changed") to get the size of the files.