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TortoiseSVN File properties syntax concern

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  • TortoiseSVN File properties syntax concern

    Hello All,
    I am a using a repository structure to store and share files into my organisation. That's 7 years I regularly use it but I am still a newbie at setting things...Sorry already for my probable easy question...

    I need to set a property on a file which is "criteria is different than X".

    In the current syntax available in this repository only "criteria is equal to X" exists. Examples: "Application: [HW7, HW8]" or "Application: HW7"

    Is there a way to write "Application is different than HW7" ? "Application: <>HW7" ?

    Thnaks in advance for your feedback !


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    Are you using "revision properties"?


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      These properties are used to export files from the repository. We use some export-fileset.exe to do so : I have first to enter a set of criteria (based of the available folders/files properties and then it exports all the matching files into the location I want.

      Does it answer the question ?


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        Pretty much. Do you have the sources to the "export-fileset.exe" ? You're going to need them to do what I think you're trying to do. The logic to select which files based on the property values is strictly governed by that executable.