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Files are not committed to the appropriate repository folder

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  • Files are not committed to the appropriate repository folder

    Dear all,

    I am new to SVN and I have encountered this issue with my SVN:

    I have a folder where I create the files (mostly Word files) that I wand to keep on the SVN repository.
    For each new created file, I am uploading it to a folder on the SVN repository using the drag and drop method.

    However, not all files belong to the same folder on SVN repository.

    My problem is that all my file commits are made to the same folder to on the SVN repository and not in the ones that they should be.

    So my question would be how to change the commit URL for each file on my local SVN?

    I have to mention that I have not checked out all of the folders on the SVN repository due to the large size.

    Kind regards,

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    The "svn switch" command is used to change to a new directory within the same repository.


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      Hi DougR,

      Thank you for your message.

      Is this command true for he working folder or for a specific file? I am trying to change the destination for a specific file, not the folder. Actually the folder I have on the local machine does not have a counterpart on the SVN repo. It contains many files from different folders in the SVN Repo.

      Thank you,


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        You should be making modifications to your repository via an SVN working copy (yes, it's a "folder" in Windows terms).

        If you need to put a new file in a different part of the repository tree then you should create a new/different working copy for that area, then copy in your Word doc, then "svn add word.docx", then "svn ci".

        Directory tree (folder tree) organization is key to minimizing the number of working copies you have to maintain on your client. If insufficiently organized (layed out) then you'll have one per subtree and then it's really the same as checking out the entire repo (ignoring any branches/tags trees).

        As far as "svn switch" is concerned it's going to change the root of the working copy. So, probably not what you want to do - it will probably be too confusing over time.