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Subversion Authentication with groups

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  • Subversion Authentication with groups

    I am an administrator that has been tasked with migrating and old subversion server to a new one. The current company is using TortoiseSVN to access the repos. If you are a member of the "Subversion" group on their SVN server you have access to all SVN repos. I do not see how this was originally setup. I've viewed the conf files under the repose, and the server config files. Nothing I see states if you are a member the "Subversion" group you have access to all repos. How do I set this up on the new SVN server. Basically if you are a member of "X" group on the SVN server you have access to all repos.

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    What URL's are they using on the client side? What OS is running as the server?


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      Its running on ubuntu server
      they are using svn+ssh://username@server/my-repo/filepath.


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        That "username" isn't a Service Account, is it?

        If it's the end user's account (different for each user) then what's happening is that they're actually SSH'ing into the box and starting an "svnserve" process. However, whether or not that process can access the repository will depend on their unix group (hopefully primary group - not just a member of a group-set). That's why you're not seeing anything in the repository's conf directory: it's working simply based on their server-local-account's group.


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          Thanks DougR that makes sense.