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Not able to delete a repo from the CLI for Subversion

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  • DougR
    Repository deletion is done using your host operating system directory cleanup commands. On RHEL 7 that would be the "rm -rf pathToRepo" command.

    The "svn delete" command is deleting objects from the latest revision within a repository - it is NOT deleting the repository.

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  • Not able to delete a repo from the CLI for Subversion


    I'm cleaning up Subversion repos that got spread out by accident and going to upgrade Subversion from v 1.6.11 to a newer version on a new RHEL7 VM.

    There are repos that were created that are either no longer used or were created haphazardly. The daemon is on and I can grep successfully from the CLI.

    I'm trying to use the following command via the CLI to delete a repo:

    [FONT=courier new]svn delete -m "delete repo that is no longer needed" file:///data/svn/dept_A/test
    svn: 'file:///data/svn/IMO' isn't in the same repository as 'file:///data/svn/dept_A/test'[/FONT]


    I've also tried to use the ip address too and got this error message:

    [FONT=courier new]svn rm svn:// -m "delete repo"
    Authentication realm: <svn://> 678af798-5732-4a81-9cfb-4040117c6091
    Password for 'user':
    svn: 'svn://' isn't in the same repository as 'svn://'[/FONT]

    I was able to delete another repo via TortoiseSVN with no issues, and leave a comment. However I would feel more comfortable doing the cleanup the CLI.

    Can someone advise me on what I'm doing incorrectly or is there another way to do this?