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  • Multiple ports for svnserve

    Hello Everyone,

    Please help me with my issue - I need to give an access to my repo on two different ports: 3690 and 8090.
    So I want to create 2 windows services (Im using Windows Server), one for every port. And both services will serve the same repository.

    My concerns - is this scheme correct? Can be any access conflicts/deadlocks in this case, since two independent services will be working with the same SVN repository simultaneously?

    Or may be there is a way to make svnserve to listen more than one port? I didn't find anything about it in docs.

    Alexander S.
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    From what I know, svnserve only listens on a single port at a time. Having 2 svnserve processes (1 on each port) should not be a problem (although it will consume 2X the resources).

    If you're doing AuthZ (e.g. svn+ssh) then you will just need to configure SSHD to listen on both ports (or have 2 SSHD).

    If you're not doing AuthZ then you could probably use "stunnel" to listen on one of those ports and then connect to the other port and pass data back and forth. Or just run 2 svnserve processes.


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      Hi DougR,

      Thanks a lot for your replay! So two svnserve services for one repo is ok. Good news for me:) I don't care about resources, only about reliability, stability and performance. I don't use AuthZ and stunnel, so users will be free to use any from these 2 ports.