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"svn up --set-depth empty" takes forever

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  • "svn up --set-depth empty" takes forever

    SVN 1.7.14:
    I do have a folder in the working copy which I want to remove from the wc and not to be updated - just to free some diskspace.
    I tried the following commands - both take forever (I let it run more than 2 days) without any progess:

    svn up --set-depth empty foldertoberemnoved
    svn up --set-depth exclude foldertoberemnoved

    The wc is located on a NFSv3 share.
    The folder has 2.4GB with binaries and was added using the "--force --no-ignore" options.

    Why does it take so long and not coming to an end ?
    Any idea how to debug this ?

    Applying the same commands to the same wc/folder on a local disk takes ~10hours. Why ?
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    HWe, please do yourself a favor and find and install a "modern" Subversion. 1.7.14 is very old - years out of support. You could easily be running into a fixed bug. The current "long term support" Subversion is 1.10.4. The current "latest" is 1.11.1. There are definitely precompiled versions out there (various companies help out there - including WANdisco here: [url][/url] ), assuming you've got a "modern" OS...

    Also, while it "should" work, NFS can be a problem all by itself - it's been a huge PITA for me for a very long time.

    In terms of debugging, you didn't say what platform you're running on. If a reasonably modern Linux then try using "strace" to see what's going on. While it can slow things down, it will definitely tell you where the time is going.


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      I am trying to upgrade our SVN 1.7 version to 1.10 (LTS) on an RHEL6 and RHEL7 system. Binary packages are available at

      I quick-searched for a tutorial on how to upgrade from 1.7 to 1.11 on repos and clients, but did find any good docu.
      Do you have a link or docu at hand to do this upgrade steps ?

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        The simplest "update" is to copy over the SVN repo, install SVN 1.10.0 and start serving it. An "svnadmin upgrade" on the repository will help performance (see the table in the SVN 1.9 release notes here: [url][/url] ). A full dump/load into a repository created by 1.10 (starting at 1.9) will enable maximum performance once the repository is packed.

        In terms of RHEL 6 to RHEL 7, you're moving from Apache 2.2 to 2.4 so you'll find a few things may need fixing, but they should be obvious since Apache is going to output errors until you fix them.