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SVN add, commit and checkout alters tool functionality

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  • SVN add, commit and checkout alters tool functionality

    I do have a serious problem:
    We distribute our tool binaries via SVN to other locations - this is working properly since years.
    Now I have a tool that is not working anymore after SVN checkout.

    1. I install the "3rd party" tool binaries on the server and test it (e.g. in /tools/toolA)
    2. Then I commit it completly into SVN via "svn add --force --no-ignore toolA; svn ci -m "" toolA"
    3. Then I move the tool-folder to another name (e.g. mv toolA toolA_org)
    4. Then I checkout the tool from SVN via "svn up toolA"
    5. Then the tool is not working anymore - without any error-message - it just starts and stops in the middle.
    6. As a verification-test I renamed it to "toolA_svn" and the original folder back to "toolA" - and thus it is working again.

    I compared the content and the permission setting of all files in the two folders - any difference I found I matched, but NO change in behaviour.
    Even if I take away all write permissions after install, the behaviour is the same.

    Do you have any idea how SVN could alter the files or change the behaviour ?

    Could it be that the tool is creating some checksums during installation, which will not be valid anymore after SVN checkin and checkout ?

    Any idea/hint/proposal is appreciated.

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    Just observed that the same behaiour occures when the install folder is copied and not checkedin/out from SVN.
    Thus, the problem is not related to SVN.


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      Glad to learn that -I was having difficult imagining how SVN could corrupt them, short of someone configuring Keyword Substitution on binary files (ugh).