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Subversion repo is missing files under /conf directory

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  • Subversion repo is missing files under /conf directory

    I'm new and learning Subversion on a repo setup in our development environment which lives in a VMWare vCenter. I has a Windows 10 VM for the desktop and using TortoiseSVN to access the Subversion repo.

    Some of the repos I can log in without providing a user id and password. If examining the /conf directory, it is missing the standard files or authz, passwd and svnserve.conf. However, each repo has these files under /conf. I'm not sure if I can take any of these previous mentioned files and place them into /conf and it will add security into the repo again or not?

    And other parts of the repo under /conf has these files, but even if I setup a user name and password under passwd, I'm still not able to log in successfully via TortoiseSVN. Is there anyway to troubleshoot this?


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    In general, it is fine to copy some of the more general config files from one repository to another, as long as the version of the repositories is the same. Double-check by comparing the 2 format files in each repository for identical settings: if they are then it should be ok to copy.

    If there are paths in the settings, then those paths could be specifying repository-specific information so be careful.

    The "svnserve.conf" file contains the path to the authz file: depending on your implementation requirements that path can be repository specific or repository agnostic.