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how to change file permissions persistently in SVN

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  • how to change file permissions persistently in SVN

    I have a file "passwd" that I checked in the first time with permissions 755.
    The I decided that this file shall get the 600 permissions.
    Though I modified it and "svn commit" it to the repo - this leads to an immediatly change of the file permissions back to 755.

    I read about setting the executable permissions via "svn propset svn:executable" - but what about setting the read/write permissions persistently for svn ?

    Any idea ?

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    In general, access ("read", "read/write", "none") to stuff within a Subversion repository should be controlled by sub-repository path AuthZ (per [url][/url] ).

    The file permissions are not going to help you much. When I check out a repository I own the working copy and everything in it. Since I can always reprotect it so I can see it, subversion doesn't bother to handle permissions - it just honors the umask. The exception to that is that if you use the "svn:executable" then it will make sure that the file is executable.

    Lots of reasonable information over on [url][/url]


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      Thanks, for the clear explanation and links !