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Conf. of SubversionSVN (Client/Server)TortoiseSVN - using Apache Web Server

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  • DougR
    Are you running TortoiseSVN on the Windows server? That's a bit strange... but ok, I guess.

    Is the "localhost" in your URL actually "localhost"? If so then that's normally a synonym for the loop-back network ( and that would mean that your TortoiseSVN would need to be installed and run on the server. More normal would be simply "hostname" (the hostname of the server).

    Hopefully this is just a miscommunication?

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  • Conf. of SubversionSVN (Client/Server)TortoiseSVN - using Apache Web Server

    I need to configure SubversionSVN installed in my Server to Client systems having TortoiseSVN , In this aspect, I had also created Apache Web Server 2.2 as well in my Server.

    1. I need steps to process the configuration of Server and Client
    2. even though we followed steps provided in one of the forums, [B][U][URL=""][/URL], [/U][/B]but on following with httpd.conf file and running the browser we get HTTP 404 error. for using this url : [URL]http://localhost:8080/svn[/URL].

    As advised we added the below line,

    Listen <>:8080 , but still we encounter the Page Not found error.


    Operating System: Windows 7 Enterprise
    Tortoise SVN - 1.8.12

    Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2
    SubversionSVN -Collabnet - 1.9.4

    [U][B]Web Server:[/B][/U]
    Apache Web Server - 2.2.22