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Linux at home, windows at work looking for a solution for/with an USB-Stick

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  • Linux at home, windows at work looking for a solution for/with an USB-Stick

    Hello Guys,

    Im using at home Linux (Manjaro) and at work windows (win7).
    How to synchronize those two environments without the possibility over network? I got a USB stick from work so i cant work at home (home office). But simple copy paste is kind of annoying and i dont want to mess something up.
    Im thinking about something like i have an portable solution an my usb stick and can synchronize this one with the one on my home-pc. At work it would be nice if i can also do that but only working form usb would be sufficient.

    Any ideas how to setup such situation?

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    In general, you might try to zip the working copy up at work, unzip it at home and make changes to files. Remember to set whatever editor you're using to use the same line termination on Linux as is used on Windows. Don't bother to try any Subversion commands at home. Then zip it back up at home, bring it to work, unzip it into an empty folder and things should keep working.

    In general, if your work server was accessible from home it would be far simpler. Just checkpoint your work on a branch at work before leaving ("svn ci"). Then check it out on your Linux box at home. Work on it. Then checkpoint again.


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      Ok, would it be possible to have a branch on my usb stick and on my home-pc? like home-pc and usb works as two sperated "systems"? With ZIP i do not have the version control...


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        I don't understand how a branch on the usb stick would help? In general, USB sticks should be considered "transport mediums", not "active development" mediums (there are only so many write cycles and the working copy database operations could really use a lot of them...). Not to mention that you could lose the entire stick if power is cut at just the wrong time... Keep your work on a real drive (spinning rust or SSD).

        That said, you can definitely version the zip'd working copies on the USB stick. Have each one include the date and source in its name.