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SVN:Keywords, modified properties and file status

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  • SVN:Keywords, modified properties and file status

    Hello fellow SVNforum-members,

    I've two topics that give me some headache, especially when they are combined. First I would like to name the topics and my understanding of them (which could be erroneous):

    1) SVN:Keywords property --> They can only be set decentrally, so there is no way to set the keyword-property in the central repository to apply to every user/checkout.
    2) SVN status / commit --> Once a property on a file is changed, SVN status shows the file as changed (of course in the property column) and SVN commit will perform a checkin of this file.

    In combination this means to me, as soon as we require keywords in our source files:

    Every developer that runs a checkout and sets the (required) keywords (which would be mandatory in our repo), will automatically create a new revision of every source file, even though there is not a single change to the file outside the keyword properties and the keywords that are actually used within the file. Still the keyword-properties are not stored centrally...

    I can only think of two situations:

    1) My understanding is wrong and I hope someone can enlighten me or
    2) this is a problem for everybody who makes use of keywords, as you usually do not want commits just because of updated "metadata" and maybe there are solutions in place (even though I already searched hours for a solution).

    My question: Is there a way to avoid a commit that are only modified on their properties?

    Thanks a lot and cheers
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    If the objects (files, directories) already have the properties then why would you need your developers to set them again? Have the tool that they use to set the property check to see if the property is already there and has the right value and, if so, not set it. Then only objects which were missing the property would be changed and require a checkin.

    Also, you might want to look up "Inherited Properties" (available since 1.8). They enable you to put a property on an entire directory tree. There's a warning about AuthZ impacting lookup so be careful to choose directories that represent trees that are always made available in entirety.

    Finally, the pre-hooks enable policy choices about whether to allow things to happen if the property value is not set (or set to something strange). They could even apply a property if that's the policy.


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      Hello DougR,

      thanks a lot for your quick response. It was very helpful.

      It brought me to the conclusion that my initial understanding of the property-management within SVN was wrong.

      We will now utilize a solution based on Auto-Properties for our keywords.