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    Dear Forum Members;

    I am here to seek your inputs in understanding when would certain folders would get created in SVN.
    Folder's like conf, db, hooks, locks etc.

    I see these folder's got created under my name in repository and but i am not sure how or what action that would create.
    I generally use SVN to pick latest files.
    Please let me know.

    Thank you.

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    If you're talking about the contents of the repository's directory then all of those artifacts are created during "svnadmin create".
    However, you should never be looking in those directories - they're private to the SVN server implementation.
    You should be communicating with the SVN server either via Apache/mod_dav_svn and/or "svnserve".


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      Dear Group member,

      Can you help how to protect delete commit to the repository, if file or derectory is deleted by some user, how to restore it to the repository.


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        In general, you should create a new posting if the subjects are that different.

        In any case, Subversion does not have a "permanent delete" operation (unless you do a "svnadmin dump | filter | svnadmin load" - meaning you have direct access to the repository). So you can always find the file/directory in one of the previous revisions, then "svn copy" it back where it belongs.