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new tag not showing up on apache server

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  • new tag not showing up on apache server

    I have a simple svn server which I am running apache subversion 1.9.3 with so that users can quickly peruse repos through a web browser. I recently ran into something that has me scratching my head. I created a tag of a current revision using:
    svn copy [url][/url] \ [url][/url] \ -m "Tagging the 1.0 release of the 'repo1' project."
    when I navigate to the web server I see that the revision number has been incremented for the trunk, but not for tags and my tag is not viewable. If I check out the project or use svnlook, the tag is there. Is there a reason why the tag is not viewable via apache? perhaps permissions?

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    What type of AuthZ are you using? Could you share your Apache configuration information (eliding/hiding anything not-for-others)?


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      Much to my chagrin and embarrassment it was simply a browser caching issue. I cleared all browsing data and the tag showed up. sorry for the waste of time. Interesting that I never saw this problem when creating new repos or committing code. only with the tag that I created.

      To answer your questions I am not doing any authz in my repo setup, I am just using the permissions of the repo directories, which I have set to www-data as the owner and I set up a group that each user must be a member of to read the repos. the apache config is pretty much default with SSL setup with self signed certs.


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        Glad you figured that out - and glad you let the rest of us know too!

        Also, you might want to try to access some repos via Apache using an account that should not have access. When using Apache it is the account that Apache runs as that will either pass or not pass the directory level permissions on the repos - and the account that Apache runs as is not affected by the user logging in.