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  • apache subversion repo best practice

    Hi , I have buildeed my apache subversion and its working, I just wan to understand what is the best practice to deploy multiple project with user security , example create singe repository and then multiple project inside and give permission to project i.e [url]http://svnserver/svn/repo1[/url] fro projecct 1 ,project 2,project 3 [url]http://svnserver/svn/repo1[/url] for project 2 or create separate repo for each project like [url]http://svnserver/svn/repo1[/url] for project 1 & [url]http://svnserver/svn/repo2[/url] for project2 etc.

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    Subversion repositories can house an incredible amount of data - I've seen repos approaching TB. The only way that they get that big is via binary drops - which they handle very nicely (unlike Git). That said, it really is wise to think ahead about what projects you want to include in any single repository. There's no way to delete stuff out of a Subversion repository without dump/filter/load (creating a new repository) - so think about what projects you might want to hand off (sell off) to others. Keep them in their own repos. Of course, once you're headed down the path of using multiple repos then it really becomes much easier (with a more consistent policy) to have a single repo per project. They you can keep the internal repository layout identical for all projects (rather than needing to choose between different sub-repository layouts).

    If you use "SVNParentPath" in your Apache config file then it's easy to have as many SVN repos as you want without having to go back and change Apache. The only thing you're going to need to do is update your Access Control file. In terms of security, with path-based-authorization, Subversion enables you to control even read access. If an account does not have read for an object (file/s or directory/ies) then those objects won't even be seen (check out: [url][/url]).


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      thanks for response , i have created multiple url for diffrent project with tag,trunk & branches , but not able to check out complete branch ,tag& trunk able to check out each folder( tag,branch,trunk) separately


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        Could you post the commands that worked versus the commands that did not work? Please obfuscate any server names, account names, repo names, etc.