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How svn merge method is picked when merge-tool-cmd is set up?

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  • How svn merge method is picked when merge-tool-cmd is set up?

    Duplicated post - cant find removal button - sorry about that.
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    First, I've got to ask: you're using SVN 1.6 and the SVN community is about to push out SVN 1.10. SVN 1.6, 1.6 are both unsupported and 1.8 will shortly join them. What motivates your organization to stay at such an old version? I really want to know (this is not sarcasm).

    Second, it's easy to determine empirically if the configured merge tool is active: simply put a script in there and have the script log the date/time and arguments into a fixed path file. Then turn around and call the actual merge tooling with the specified options.

    Third, per [url][/url] (yes, that's SVN 1.8). That documentation is pretty extensive and only changed by 1 word since the SVN 1.7 version (the 1.8 is more accurate). But it does not appear to answer your question directly. Without reading the code there's likely no way to be sure (unless the code author happens to see this thread - unlikely). So I'd fall back to the 2nd option and check empirically what will happen. Setup a merge condition for files that do and do not contain conflicts and then run the merge.