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Creating a user and adding rights to a repository with command line

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  • Creating a user and adding rights to a repository with command line


    I have a question about the command line. I am using SVN repositories for my lectures, providing slides and also to review my students code.
    So each semester I have to create a repository and a user per student, adding their user to their repo and to the group that is allowed to access the slides.

    My question:
    How can I create a new user and password via command line and how can I add the user to a repository or group?

    The scenario is:
    The students register via email, and I write their data into a database, also generating user names and repository names. (Just names, not actually repos or users in SVN.)
    I managed to create the repositories by command line automatically. But I still have to create the users and add them to repos and groups by hand (using VisualSVN).

    Can this be done by command line aswell, so I dont have to do this manually each time?

    Kind regards,
    Gregor Braun

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    If this was Apache-based SVN access on Linux and the database you write into is accessible via the command line then it would be easy to automate the entire process.

    I have no idea how to do this with VisualSVN on Windows. Sorry.


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      So this cannot be done by command line?
      I am able to call svnadmin.exe, but I didn'nt find any commands to create a user.

      Actually just creating the users automatically would help a lot, since the are numbered.
      So adding them to groups are just a few clicks.


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        There is nothing in Subversion itself to manage accounts. You would need to use a shell/scripting-language and interact with the VisualSVN server via its own APIs. Purely guessing here.


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          Thanks for this tip.
          I still need to find out, how to create users, but there indeed are powershell scripts, with which I at least can grants access to a reposotiry for an existing user.
          If this his helpfull for others, here is the link:

          I hope I didn not post this question into the entirely wrong forum.
          Thanks so far.
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            This forum is for all things Subversion. I, personally, just don't have any expertise with VisualSVN. Hopefully someone else can step up and help. If not, then perhaps contacting the VisualSVN support folks?