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Migrate to new pc, old pc only has svn://

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  • Migrate to new pc, old pc only has svn://

    Hello, We have an old installation of svn, running 1.4.5, accessed using svn:// not http:// and installed using CollabNet binaries on Windows. Over the years it has basically filled the space on the drive, used sporadically. Now everyone wants to use it again, but dont have option to increase space unless can dump out the existing data. So we purchased a new windows box to upgrade. Here is what I have done so far:
    1) installed CollabNet binaries on new server, with apache, latest version.
    2) mounted usb drive on old pc
    3) tried to dump repository to usb via command prompt. seems to start, then becomes unresponsive almost at once. I let it run last time over the weekend. Still hung more than 40 hours later and no file generated
    4) i have read through the docs, but most examples are using http and/or on linux. I also did not see much on svn:// anymore.

    My goal is just to get it either dumped or synced to the new computer. Any thoughts on why the dump is not working? Can I use sync?

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    What command, exactly, are you using? In general I would first "cd X:" (where X is your usb drive), then "svnadmin dump c:\\path\to\your\repo > repo.dump". Repeat this for all of your repositories.

    Take that USB drive over to the new box, change directory/drive to the new repository directory/folder and then: "svnadmin create repo" and then "svnadmin load repo --force-uuid < X:\repo.dump".

    Yes, "svnadmin dump" writes to stdout and "svnadmin load" reads from stdin.

    Technically you don't need to do the dump but it will enable you to do some very nice things after you do the create/load. Don't skip this.