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How to properly create a new folder

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  • How to properly create a new folder

    When I create a new folder, it doesn't seem to function like it should.
    If I use right-click: Check for modifications in the folder just above, or at the root of the project, the modified files within the folder don't show up. All I see for the new folder is the word: "Nested", with no additional information.

    With all the other folders that were created when I created the repository (using: svn import -m"Initial project import" InitialProject svn://, they work fine. I can do a "check for modifications" at root and see all the modified files inside the folders.

    How I create new folders:

    Create a new folder locally.
    Go into the repository, choose: "Create new Folder" where I want it.
    Go into the local folder, do: "Checkout", point to the new folder in repository.
    Update the folder.
    Add and commit all the files in the folder.

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    What UI tool are you using? TortoiseSVN? Or?

    In general, there are two types of "new file" (or "file with changes"):
    1. a brand new file, never before added to the repository (or never added in that location)
    2. a change to an existing file

    I'm going to guess that the "check for modifications" operation in your UI tool is looking for the 2nd class but not the 1st, but that's something that is tool specific. So which tool?


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      Tortoise SVN. You're correct, "check for modifications" will tell you about changes to existing files, or a file that's been added but not committed.


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        In TortoiseSVN in the "Check for Modifications" window there is a check box in the lower left for "Unversioned" files. Check that. Then click on the "Refresh" button.

        [url][/url] and look for Figure 4.14.