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Advice needed for folder setup on SVN & Search Functionality

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  • Advice needed for folder setup on SVN & Search Functionality


    I am a newbie to SVN so please accept my apologies in advance if the following is very basic question; I haven't been able to source the answer anywhere else so I would like to put the question out there. However, I have been asked to find a solution to a couple of problems so I thought here might be a good start.

    Quick background - my company uses SVN ([I]1.6.17 (r1128011) [/I]and we are storing thousands of documents. These are arranged into folders according to Department and each Department folder has many sub-folders. We seem to have a couple of general issues

    1. Users cannot search the SVN directories using SVN itself. They need to download their respective (and entire Department parent folder) onto their C: drive and then search with a CNTL-F. Not sure if this is the proper way to do this but with so many documents under the parent folder, downloading the entire thing can take the best part of a day in each case and often breaks down and needs to be restarted. Users need to be able to review and comment on documents other than their own. They cannot do this without loading the entire folder onto their local drive which is very time consuming.

    2. The folder structure that has emerged organically is complicated and needs to be re-done. However, each existing SVN location has a link which is recorded in a separate system (JIRA) and moving folder and files breaks the link. The JIRA is the only way we can search for SVN documents and, if we break the link by tidying up, we cannot search for anything (see point 1)

    The main issues are therefore

    1. Locally stored versions needed to access/update and
    2. Search functionality

    Any guidelines or advice would be very gratefully received and, again, sorry if this is a very basic question - it could come down to a simple config issue somewhere or a user best practice but we do have some much more experienced SVN users who are experiencing this local download issue.

    Thank you for your help,

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    In general, if you want to search through a repository then you should probably checkout a working copy first. That said, you can checkout the working copy using any directory in your repository (called a sub-repository path): what ends up in the working copy is from that point on down the tree. You could publish a set of paths that minimize the checkout contents - for example, specific to each sub-department or each team.

    Also, note that you should not checkout the working copy every time. You should, instead, "update" the working copy that you already checked out. This procedure won't help someone who has never checked out a working copy before but it will help anyone that has: it will be much quicker.

    In terms of JIRA, the link that you use should include the Revision number: in that way the path will not change even if, in later revisions, you completely change the directory structure of your repository. This will, of course, only work going forward. Well, you could write a script to update all of the links in your repository with a "well known, pre-reorganization revision" and only after updating JIRA do the re-organization.

    Finally, you do realize that SVN 1.6.17 is no longer supported by the OpenSource community, right. At this point in time SVN 1.9 and 1.8 are supported, but they're about to ship 1.10 and, when they do that 1.8 will fall out of support. The really cool thing about Subversion is that the newer versions will serve repositories with older formats without modification (of course, you don't get the newer features, but compatibility is key). And the true warning here is that there have been many security fixes in the intervening years since 1.6.17 was shipped - you really should be doing upgrades on a much more frequent basis.