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Can't commit several files from Visual Studio project to subversion

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  • Can't commit several files from Visual Studio project to subversion

    Since a few weeks, I have some problems with Subversion. When I try to commit files from a Visual Studio 2017 project there are some files which I can't commit to my Visual SVN Server. To be precise all files in the project folder like *.cs, *.config, *.csproj, *.resx, ...

    My setup:
    Client: TortoiseSVN 1.9.7 on Windows10
    Server: VisualSVN behind a IIS-ReverseProxy running on Windows Server 2012r2

    The error I get when I try to commit for example a *.cs file:

    Commit failed (details follow):
    File 'D:\Test\branches\ScaraControl\ScaraControl\Form1.cs' is out of date
    '/svn/Test/!svn/txr/5-9/branches/ScaraControl/ScaraControl/Form1.cs' path not found
    You have to update your working copy first.

    Updating the working copy is finishing successfully but doesn't fix the problem.

    You can see my project in the picture below. For testing, I created a completely new and empty repository. As you can see the .vs, bin and obj folders are ignored with all the files inside of them, all other folders are committed to the server (without the files inside of them). In the second picture you can see that I can commit the *.sln file but no other file in the project folder.


    For testing, I created an empty text file and renamed it to text.cs. Even this empty file cannot be committed to the Server with the same error message.

    Due to the fact that this is happening to all Clients, it is more likely to be a problem on the Server side I guess but I have no idea what could cause this error. Unfortunately, the VisualSVN Server has no error logging or at least not the free version I'm using.

    I would be very grateful for any tip I can get to solve this annoying problem.