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  • VisualSVN Server and VisualSVN

    I installed VisualSVN Server on our server, then installed VisualSVN (and TortoiseSVN) on my laptop, expecting that the latter is a client that talks to the former on the server.

    Apparently, the VisualSVN on my laptop, which works out of my Visual Studio 2013, stores everything locally and not to the server. I cannot even find a menu item from my Visual Studio's VISUALSVN menu bar that will allow me to specify connections to the server.

    How do I make these two connected? I want to work from my Visual Studio 2013 from my laptop but want all the source repositories to be stored on the server (so that someone else can access them from his/her own laptop somewhere else).

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    Did you accidentally install the VisualSVN Server bits on your laptop? You need the client bits. TortoiseSVN is a client-only. Perhaps you can use that? It has integrations to Explorer that should enable you to checkout a new working copy from a server, etc.


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      No. I did not. As I stated in the original post, I installed VisualSVN Server on our server and VisualSVN and TortoiseSVN on my laptop, but I don't know how to make these two talk. For example, the working copy box does not allow me to type in an IP address of the server. It only allows me to browse through my local network, but the server is on a remote site.


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        I don't have WIndows/VisualSVN/TortoiseSVN in my current job and only used TortoiseSVN in my past job. So I'm doing some pure guessing here. Perhaps you can use the Microsoft format of "//"? Would it accept that?

        Sometimes the vocabulary is "peculiar". From some screenshots I see a "Set Working Copy Root..." and "Get Solution from Subversion" on the "VISUALSVN" dropdown. What do they do?

        Worst case, you could install the command-line SVN client, create the working copy from there and then use the integrations, right?