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Cannot Add Project to Subversion Because It is Out of Working Copy

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  • Cannot Add Project to Subversion Because It is Out of Working Copy

    I have a solution named PIZ that contains two projects: PIZ and PIZSetup. They are located under c:\Devel 10.1\PIZ and c:\Devel 10.1\PIZSetup, respectively.

    When I tried to add the solution PIZ into subversion, it asked me the working copy root. If I choose folder PIZ, then project PIZSetup is excluded and when I tried to add it to subversion, it generated error saying that it is out of the working copy.

    If I set the working copy root as c:\Devel 10.1, the parent folder of both projects, then neither project seems to be added as no yellow dots showing on any of the files in the project and I cannot check in or check out any of the files.

    Please help! Thanks.

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    What type of "projects" are "PIZ" and "PIZSetup"?

    What version of SVN are you using? SmartSVN?

    How did you create your current working copy?


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      "PIZ" is a WPF Windows application project and "PIZSetup" is an InstallShield setup project for PIZ.

      I'm using VisualSVN 5.1.8.

      As I described in my original post, I tried several ways to create working copy, and none of them work.


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        The fact that you got an "out of working copy" error message indicates that you now have a working copy at "c:\Devel 10.1\PIZ". That's unfortunate if you want to version them at the same time to the same repository - since then you really want the working copy root to be "c:\Devel 10.1". At this point be very careful. You're going to want to undo the working copy at "c:\Devel 10.1\PIZ". Exit VisualStudio/VisualSVN. Then back up both projects to some other place completely - just in case. Then use Windows Explorer (or a command shell) to remove the ".svn" folder from the "c:\Devel 10.1\PIZ" directory. Check to see that all of your project is still intact. Start up the VisualStudio/VisualSVN set. Then set the root of the working copy to be "c:\Devel 10".

        NOTE: I've never used either VisualStudio/VisualSVN but this should work. Not sure how to connect the working copy to your repository... I'm assuming that's clear from the "working copy root" operation - but if not then I'm out of suggestions.