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Local folder permissions - running exe files as admin

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  • Local folder permissions - running exe files as admin


    I'm an IT guy, and our R&D group uses SVNTortoise.

    One a couple of machines running Windows 10, we encountered a problem running .exe files as admin.

    The same problem doesn't occur on Windows 7 for example.

    I've attached the error.

    UAC is disabled in both OSs.

    Both users are domain users with the same group permission on server and admin permissions on the local computer.

    Is there a way to fix this problem?
    Is editing the permissions on the local "dev" folder a wise thing to do?


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    Tortoise SVN installs using an MSI file, not an EXE. Once properly installed, Tortoise SVN does not require administrator or system privileges - it just runs as the account which ran it.

    Is the error you're posting happening during install? Or afterwards when going to run it?


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      Hi DougR,
      First - thanks for the quick reply.

      We are past installing SVN Tortoise,
      We are having problems running .exe files that are maintained in the SVN environment.


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        Pure guess here. Since the error message you're getting is talking about installation when running AFTER the install, you might want to re-install and pay strict attention to any issues seen. Check the system and applications logging for anything "interesting" (like a denial of a request for some privilege).


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          Hi DougR,

          Thanks for the tip,
          We'll try to reinstall the said program, and check the logs.



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            Just to update, the problem is with Windows 10 and not SVN.
            In Windows 10, disabling UAC and being local Administrator is not enough to have permission as a "full" administrator.
            There's a local security policy that can be disabled but it also disables all Metro apps,
            Windows Update will also default that setting after a big update.


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              If you have a full understanding of the problem you should probably report the issue directly to the TortoiseSVN folks - they're good people and will likely try to figure something out. Heck they could already be working on something. See here: [url][/url]