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Access repository in Subversion Edge using TortoiseSVN

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  • Access repository in Subversion Edge using TortoiseSVN


    I have recently installed CollabNet Subversion Edge Version 5.2.0 on a linux server (RedHat 7.3) and in the admin console i set the authentication method to use the domain ldap server.
    The users will access the subversion server using the TortoiseSVN software that they will install in their pc.
    My question is how the users are going to access the repositories?
    For example to access the admin console i log in the url [url]https://servername:4434/csvn[/url]
    So my question is what url should the users enter in order to access the repository?

    Let me know if you need to provide any further info.

    Best Regards,
    Stavros Tseriotis

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    I would expect that is a question for CollabNet support, right?


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      well i saw that you have some posts regarding tortoiseSVN so i took my chances.
      thanks for the reply anyway


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        I'm not familiar with CollabNet's Subversion Edge product. However, if it's using Apache, could you share the Apache configuration of Subversion? That will answer the question.


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          It is using apache though it is part of the subversion package. apache is not installed separately.
          there is a conf file thought but i get an error while trying to upload it "you are not allowed to upload files with conf extension"


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            i renamed it to csvn.txt in order to upload it
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              That's not the correct config file. It may be called "subversion.conf" or "svn.conf" or "scm.conf" or something like that and it will have a block like the following:

              <virtualhost *:80>
              <Location /svn>
              DAV svn
              SVNParentPath /opt/repo
              SVNListParentPath On
              AuthType Basic
              AuthBasicProvider ldap
              AuthName "SVN Repositories"
              AuthLDAPURL "ldap://,dc=ds,dc=example,dc=com?uid"
              Require valid-user
              AuthzSVNAccessFile /opt/repo/ApacheAuthZ.conf

              Your actual values will be different. Please do not share passwords or accounts.


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                ok i found the url that i was searching.
                thank you very much for your help!