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Is it Safe to put svn directory in One-Drive or Google Drive.

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  • Is it Safe to put svn directory in One-Drive or Google Drive.

    Hello guys,
    I am stuck in very weird problem. My problem is described here :. I have create a SVN repos folder in one-drive synchronizing folder. Since last 2 months my repos folder was residing in One-Drive folder and my repos folder was synchronizing properly. Recently 2 days ago I changed my One-Drive Synchronizing path to other directory and then I was set target of repos latest path by using visualsvnserver manager. Then after sometime I tried to commit back on server , but it game error missing revision no from 49-53. SVN windows displayed no such version no 53. Then when I go for show log in my current directory it shows 48 on top of the list. But it was not my current version. My latest committed version was 53. Now it is not allowing me to commit. and When this happened One-Drive was synchronizing my repos folder. [B]Did my problem occurred due to Oner-Drive synchronization ? [/B]Other than this thing I didn't do any thing on repos. Can anyone help me on this ?

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    It is difficult for me to imagine that OneDrive could perfectly create some number of versions in a Subversion repository. I would immediately run an "svnadmin verify" over the repository to see what is damaged. I hope you had a backup (other than OneDrive).


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      What version of SUSE are you running? What is the value of your "LANG" environment variable? What command did you run?

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