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Newbie Question - Regarding Repository Servers

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  • Newbie Question - Regarding Repository Servers

    Hi there,
    I work for a small firm that has no source control, so they have asked me to look at Subversion and Git. Were I am struggling is the only place I can put the repository is on a shared drive - which I now is not recommended. we are moving to cloud in 6 months and we can put it there.
    Is it worth setting up a virtual machine to do it


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    If you can create a VM with sufficient disk space to host the repository/ies for the necessary 6 month period then I'd do that, yes.

    Shared file systems (e.g. NFS, CIFS, etc.) are not really a good choice.

    Be careful: for Git you're going to want to ONLY version sources - and that should keep the size of the repository small. For Subversion people tend to version binaries as well so your repository can grow very quickly.

    For Git you could consider one of the commercial hosting companies: GitHub, GitLab, etc.