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wandisco subversion 1.8 to 1.9 update via yum: mod_dav_svn error

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  • wandisco subversion 1.8 to 1.9 update via yum: mod_dav_svn error


    I'm trying to update our subversion from the latest 1.8 to the latest 1.9 version. I installed 1.8 quite some time ago using the wandisco distribution and have been successfully performing yum updates for quite some time. However, I'm now trying to update to 1.9 from the wandisco repository and I'm getting the following error from mod_dav_svn

    undefined symbol ap_get_server_version

    It won't load mod_dav_svn then and thus subversion won't work.

    Server is Centos 5 with apache httpd 2.2.3

    Anyone encounter this problem as well?

    Thanks for any help!

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    I'll look into the issue with "ap_get_server_version" - I don't recognize it at the moment.

    However, Subversion 1.9 broke compatibility with Python 2.5 and now requires Python 2.7. The latest Python that I can find for CentOS 5 is 2.6. So you will need to build 2.7 if you want to install Subversion 1.9.

    CentOS 5 is really, really old. Perhaps it's time to upgrade? Skip 6 and go all the way to 7...


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      Yeah, it's in our schedule. This is a development server, so it's fallen a bit to the wayside. So maybe I'll just wait until we upgrade to Centos 7.

      Thanks for the help!


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        CentOS 5 is missing quite a bit of stuff that SVN 1.9 needs. If you look at the following directory:


        Then you will need to download and install at the same time, all of the "apr*" packages and "serf-1.3.7" packages (platform type appropriate) and the "*1.9.4*" packages. This might enable the installation - as long as you have a Python 2.7 (or above) built and installed.


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          Thanks. I think I'm just going to put this on the backburner as it appears we'll be moving to AWS within 6 months. This means I'll be able to rebuild all my servers during an extended outage for the move...including that aged development server. :)


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            Nice! Remember that when you make the transition to SVN 1.9 you'll get the highest performance if you dump/load your repositories. See the Subversion 1.9 release notes for more information.