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    Hello all,

    I'm pretty new to SVN and only downloaded it for my work. Recently, svn crashed and I was no longer able to save, alter, or commit any documents to one particular folder. My office recommended deleting the bookmark off of svn and my computer, so I did. Now, I cannot check out that folder after creating a new repository bookmark. Any time I try, the check out never gets past "preparing," and I've waited 12+ hours. I've tried deleting the bookmark again, duplicating the bookmark, checking out smaller folders in this bookmark, but nothing works. Clean up is not an option because I can't check the folder out. I can check out different folders from different bookmarks without a problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    You need someone to look at your server's log files to see what's wrong. A checkout hang in "preparing" would indicate corruption in the repository. They should run "svnadmin verify" on the repository and fix any errors noted (probably by a "svnadmin dump | svnadmin load").


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      How does one go about checking server's log files?


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        That depends on the server type. For a Linux server running Apache then you would look in the "/var/log/httpd" directory for log files dated around when your failures had occurred. Then look for entries in those logs around by your account. And see what the log files say. Specifically look in the "error_log" file.

        As I noted above, while you're at it, they should run an "svnadmin verify" command over the repository to make sure that it's healthy.