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Conf. of SubversionSVN (Client/Server)TortoiseSVN - using Apache Web Server

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  • Conf. of SubversionSVN (Client/Server)TortoiseSVN - using Apache Web Server

    I need to configure SubversionSVN installed in my Server to Client systems having TortoiseSVN , In this aspect, I had also created Apache Web Server 2.2 as well in my Server.

    1. I need steps to process the configuration of Server and Client
    2. even though we followed steps provided in one of the forums, [B][U][URL=""][/URL], [/U][/B]but on following with httpd.conf file and running the browser we get HTTP 404 error. for using this url : [URL]http://localhost:8080/svn[/URL].

    As advised we added the below line,

    Listen <>:8080 , but still we encounter the Page Not found error.


    Operating System: Windows 7 Enterprise
    Tortoise SVN - 1.8.12

    Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2
    SubversionSVN -Collabnet - 1.9.4

    [U][B]Web Server:[/B][/U]
    Apache Web Server - 2.2.22

    also, for project related activities, we had installed IIS8.0 as Visual Studio IDE, should we need to consider/disable the same.
    Please let us know how to resolve the above error,

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    FYI, the URL for the Forum is broken... I suspect there's text where it currently has "...".

    In your browser, did the error message explain which Web Server returned it? If it's IIS then you'll need to select a different port for Apache, perhaps 8082?

    Otherwise, we'd need to see your httpd.conf file to know how to help.