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tortoiseSVN crashing on specific server

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  • tortoiseSVN crashing on specific server

    Hi guys, when using tortoiseSVN it crashes explorer when opening the context menu on only one specific server, it works fine everywhere else, any ideas?


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    Do you mean server? Or specific working copy? Or client machine?

    Any information in the Windows system logs?


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      Sorry I should have been clearer

      All of our users that have tortoiseSVN installed locally, when they right click on a windows 2012 R2 folder share on this specific server it crashes their local explorer.

      And its only on one specific server, they can right click and bring up the context menu on other windows servers and its fine.


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        I have not heard or found anything like this. I'm going to guess that there is some type of policy on at specific 2012 R2 folder share that is incompatible with something that TortoiseSVN is trying to do. You might look at the share's properties and see if they're different from the other shares that work.

        Also, can you search around a see if you can find a "crashrpt.xml" file?

        In either case, you should review the [URL=""]TortoiseSVN FAQ[/URL] and then please report the bug to the TortoiseSVN community (read the "[URL=""]How to report a bug[/URL]" page).