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SVN + HTTPD - 500 Internal Server Error

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    Originally posted by DougR View Post
    Per here:

    SVN 1.8.anything should have the "SVNCompressionLevel" tunable - placed along with the "SVNCacheTextDeltas", et. al. If your SVN is complaining about it then that would indicate that there's something wrong about how it was compliled up... Upgrade it with something newer (and actually supported by the community - SVN 1.8 is way out of support). The 2 LTS (long term support) releases currently available are 1.10.x and 1.14.x.
    I suppose the issue I'm worried with by upgrading the SVN at the moment is that if there are going to be other problems that arise from the upgrade it'll potentially make us wonder what's caused due to the upgrade and what's caused because of the current issue. Do you think that's fair or is there no reason to suppose so?


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      It's always wise to be concerned about upgrades. But that just means doing appropriate level of checking before executing. For instance, spin up a VM to match your current server, copy over the repos and Apache config, get it working, upgrade, see if anything breaks.

      In general, newer versions of Subversion are supersets of prior versions and compatibility testing is normally done between the new version and the prior SUPPORTED version (and even then some unsupported versions testing has been known to happen). Does this mean 100% compatibility? Unlikely due to bugs. So testing is always prudent! However, nearly all of the time an upgrade will work fine.