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Revision numbers not matching after loading the dump to a new server

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  • Revision numbers not matching after loading the dump to a new server

    I am trying migration of one subversion repository from a server to the other. I have 3 dumps from the source instance.
    While laoding the first dump, I did not get any errors and revision numbers were matching between source and target instance.
    When doing the second load(i added the revision range in the argument), I got file the following error for the very first revision
    Started new transaction, based on original revision 228413
    * editing path : tags ...svnadmin: E160020: File already exists: filesystem '0e8ed583-0ad1-4fb5-ae04-042339eda4fe', transaction '228462-4wab', path '/tags'

    Hence to move ahead, I skipped this revision and started the laod. It went on fine but again got stuck on another revision with File not found error.
    I did the same, continued the load, by skipping this errored revision.
    It went on fine.

    Then, I started the laod for last dump, again got the same error with File already exists message for the same revision, I skipped the first revision and the dump completed without any errors.

    But when we test the repository and try to compare the revsion numbers, for many the files, the revsion numbers are off by 2-3 numbers from the source repository.
    I wanted to know what would have caused this? Why the revision numbers are macthing between source and target instances.
    Please advise.

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    To get a true understanding of exactly what you did, I'd need to see the complete "svnadmin dump" command options used. And the version of SVN used to do the dumping and the version used to do the loading. There have been some load bugs in the past where "empty" revisions were not loaded and would cause off-by-one errors each time (they accumulate).

    However, given the error it could be that one of the revisions ended up possibly trying to be loaded twice - OR - you might need to toggle the "--incremental" option (turn it off if you were using it/ on if not).

    I've also run into issues with the "--deltas" option - if used then the load will be much more susceptible to version specific incompatibilities (hence my question about versions doing the dump vs. load). In general, while the dump will be much larger with out it, I prefer not to use it.