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  • Apply SSL Certs to SVN

    We are using Collabnet SVN edge 5.1.1 and Subversion 1.8.15 . Currently it is setup as http://<hostname>:3343 on windows 2012 server. We are planning to apply Certificate provided by our company and setup SVN as https://<hostname>:4434 . Can anyone please explain how this can be accomplished. Thanks in Advance.

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    If you're just now deploying Subversion then you should NOT use SVN 1.8.15 - you should be using SVN 1.9.7. The Subversion community is well on its way to shipping SVN 1.10 and, when it does so, support for 1.8 will be eliminated (they only support 2 active releases at a time). Note that SVN 1.9.7 on your server is backwards compatible with all prior SVN client versions.

    As far as SVN edge is concerned, I've never done it so can't help. Good hunting!