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Repository corrupted - now Revision 0

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  • Repository corrupted - now Revision 0

    Hi All

    We are using Subversion 1.8.1 on Freebsd 9.1 (32 bit). We have a huge SVN repository on it : 29 GB on the server. The repository was working fine until recently when we checked out the repository and got nothing. That is, no data in the repository (although there is still 29GB of data on the SVN server). And we got Revision 0 when we checked out. The revision of the repository when it was working was at least 1988.
    Have anybody had this kind of experience? Any advice how we can troubleshoot?

    Thank you


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    Hi there,

    Not sure what's happened to change things I'm afraid, but you could try dumping the repository to a file and then reloading it from there into an empty repo - that'd leave the original in place (just in case) and should restore everything for you in the newly loaded repo? Given the size though this is an operation that might take some time.

    Hope that helps.