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Apache- Event based logs

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  • Apache- Event based logs

    Am using Apache http server 2.0 on windows 7

    How can i configure log files (access.log - Custom log)

    For a single client login process it generate lot of logs which is not understandable. I need to control logs,
    that is for certain events such as log in, get i need to log single entry in log file instead of logging more logs... Like

    [Event-name] success [user-name] - time
    eg: log in success harry - 3.46- 8/13/12
    delete new.txt success harry -3.55-8/13/12

    is it possible in apache ???

    If possible, how can i configure ???

    Thanks in advance

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    Do you ever get tired of posting the same thing multiple times, hoping to get a different answer?

    As has been explained to you at least twice before, you are doing this wrong. You cannot use the logfile to control access to your repository because the log file records what has happened after the fact. If you're trying to perform logfile analysis after the fact as a method of controlling/monitoring people, you are still approaching it wrong - there are lots of things that can be done which will bypass the server and any logging, entirely. Explain why you think you need to do this and people can help you better.

    Subversion has path-based authorization built in and that is what you must use to control access to the repository.

    There is no way to change how Subversion logs without creating your own custom version of the software. It logs the way it logs for a reason.