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  • SVN selective update

    I want to do the following:
    - I have a checked out working copy with 10 files, all at rev 10 let's say.
    - These files have been modified separately and the latest revision is now 20.
    - 5 new files are added to the repository at revision 21.
    - In my local copy, I want to keep the 10 files I have already at rev 10 but also be able to add the 5 new files from rev 21.

    The only way I know to update the local copy with the new files is to use SVN Update. However, SVN Update will update the existing 10 files to their individual latest versions and then add the 5 new files at rev 21.

    Is there a way to only add the new content from the repository and ignore the modifications made to the existing files?

    Thank you.

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    If you read the output of svn help update it explains you can synchronise your working copy to a specific revision with the -r option.

    For example, to get revision 10 of a particular file while the rest of the working copy is up to date, you can do:

    svn update -r10 filename.txt