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From what I can tell it looks like there was an error reading from memory on the client machine. If

Posted in Checkin returns Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Just going through replicating this now, and when I defined the external (in SmartSVN) a popup showe

Posted in Partial checkout using externals

Hi, There is indeed - the svn relocate command will do what you need: [url]http://svnbook.red-bean.

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Hi Neeta, Going by what Joel said, you need to edit your yum.conf file (/etc/yum.conf) and add th

Posted in Metadata file does not match checksum?

Are either of you behind a proxy at all?

Posted in Can't read forum messages - vBulletin error (3)

Might be worth testing a fresh UberSVN install in a VM to see if the config works out of the box? If

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Hi, I believe we're waiting on an update to Subversion before this can be implemented as it's curre

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Sorry to hear that, is it the same in both browsers even after clearing cookies/cache? It should be

Posted in Can't read forum messages - vBulletin error (2)

Hi, that should now be sorted (many thanks to our developer) - please let us know if not.

Posted in Can't read forum messages - vBulletin error

Realise it's not available from the merge window, but you could create a tag at each stage you need

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