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Hi all, We're pleased to announce that SmartSVN 8.6.3 is now available as a general release down

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Hey guys, We're very pleased to announce that the first preview release of SmartSVN 8.5 is now a

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A few release candidates later, SmartSVN 8 was released fully today. Anyone using older versions can

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Hi there, When you go to your repository in uberSVN what is displayed as the repository address?

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Hi there, Thanks for the post, it'll be useful for others I'm sure. Re SmartSVN and SVN 1.8, you

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Hi there, There aren't currently any uberAPPS available, so you won't be able to access the store.

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Hey, You can specify the location when you add the repos into uberSVN. You'll want to check the se

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Hi there, You should be able to change this in the Administration tab. The docs here tell you how:

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Hi there, You'll need to install Java 1.6 before installing uberSVN.

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Hey there, We released the first Release Candidate last week, you can get it here: [url]http://sma

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